Query Parameters solo show press release (english)

Spiros Hadjidjanos: “Query Parameters”

3 Sept. – 9 Oct. 2010

Spiros Hadjidjanos’ exhibition “Query Parameters“ transfers the gallery rooms to a place where two allegedly contrasting domains meet: the digital and the physical, the visible and the non-visible co-exist, overlap, intermingle, forming situations in which digital information attaches a layer of meaning to a physical setting, and the physical setting assists to establish the meaning of the digital information. And one may ask himself: While nature and hardware and software are corresponding – how does man reflect this dialog? “Query Parameters” is the first exhibition of Spiros Hadjidjanos in Cologne and marks the inauguration of von cirne. By his rational creative process, by a reduced style and by concentrating on a few starting materials the artist refers to approaches and positions of reduced and conceptual style next to computer science and the internet. His works, although sometimes diverse, all share a common ground. They encompass digital code and, whether stored or flowing, the digital information is an essential element of every work.
In the “Network Sculpture” digital data flow through aluminium ribbons, marking a spatial installation of moving bits; the email and internet communication of the gallery will completely be running through the art work during the exhibition period. As soon as the sculpture is plugged into the internet it is filled with life. In his “Information Paintings” the artist transfers physical material onto data media – burnt wood burnt on computer chips. In “Where Are the People that Talk on the Radio?” mini CD ROMs with image files replace parts of a carbonized branch. The CD ROMs perfectly fit into the log, right in the position where part of the branch was removed. Is anything missing or has something been added? What is more valuable – the real material or its substitute? “1 GB of Myself Goes around” shows self portraits of the artists on 85 CD ROMs – fixed on a motor driven aluminium ribbon – moving around on the gallery floor, reducing themselves by machining. On the one hand this work challenges the concept of digital information movement, and on the other hand it forms a system of continuous increasing entropy. While the cylinder rotates on the ground, its diameter becomes smaller and smaller driving the work to a future time point of dysfunction. Consequently, this work raises the question: What is there left behind? Is it matter or information? Or it is both? „Automated Dimensions“ ironically refers to the question of media competence which we all so urgently need in this overflow of information in a world full of networks, but the least have it: Just for a few seconds image after image is projected, randomly searched and found in Google by a program written by the artist himself, having only one thing in common: the images are related to 3D visuals and content.
Spiros Hadjidjanos was born in Athens in 1978, he lives and works in Berlin. He recently finished his studies at the Universität der Künste in Berlin where he studied with a DAAD postgraduate award. Before coming to Germany he studied at the School of Fine arts in Athens and at the Leiden University in the Netherlands. His first solo exhibition took place in KWADRAT, Berlin earlier this year in February. There he also participated in the “Große Herbstausstellung”, a group show in autumn 2009. Moreover he is part of several other past and upcoming group exhibitions in Germany and abroad. Spiros Hadjidjanos is represented by KWADRAT in Berlin and von cirne in Cologne.